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The community egg hunt, which was scheduled to begin at 10am this Saturday, April 1st will begin at 10:30. Event check-in will begin at 10:15, at the community center. There will be refreshments inside the center. The children will divide into two groups: Chicks (ages 0-4 years) and Bunnies (ages 5 years and older) just before the hunts begin. An all ages hunt for the candy filled eggs will follow. Please bring a basket for your child to collect his/her eggs. Volunteers are still needed to help hide eggs at 8am. There are over 1,000 eggs, so any help is much appreciated.

Event Committee Meeting

February 16 at 7:00pm

At the Sully Station Community Center

Easter Egg Stuffing at the Community Center

March 23 at 7:00pm

Sully Station Board of Trustees Meeting

2nd Wednesday of Every Month at 7:00pm

ARB Meeting

1st Tuesday of Every Month at 7:30pm

Fire Lane Parking Violations

Marlene H. Moran, Inspector II, Fire Prevention


After house or on weekends please call the nonemergency number at 703-691-2131