Architectural Review Application

The Sully Station Community Association Board of Trustees has appointed an Architectural Review Board to review and approve, disapprove or modify requests for alterations to the exterior appearance of lots, living units or common areas. The guidlines and procedures for owners wishing to make changes to their lots, living units or common areas are provided in Governing Document 6 - Design Review Procedures & Guidelines.

Owners wishing to make any changes to their lots, living units or common areas must submit proper application to the ARB with all appropriate sections completed, including required submissions. Oral requests will not be considered.

There are two methods to submit an application:

  • Online (Coming soon)
  • Printed copy

The supporting exhibits or supporting documentation listed below may be required and must accompany the review application, as applicable for the proposed change.

  • Paint or Stain Colors - A sample and model number of the color(s) to be used must be provided, both for repainting or restaining existing improvements and for structural additions, together with a list of existing paint colors an the house or appurtenant structures which will remain unchanged. (Click here to view approved McCormick paint colors.)
  • Finish Materials - A description and/or sample of all finish materials to be used for the exterior surface of proposed improvements must be provided.
  • Site Plan - A site plan, drawn to scale, showing the location and dimensions of the proposed improvement, including orientation with respect to the property lines, unit, and adjacent dwelling units must be provided for decks, patios, walls, storage sheds, fences, major landscape changes which require approval, and structural additions to the home.
  • Architectural Drawings and Landscape - Detailed architectural drawings or plans must be provided for decks, storage sheds, any structural additions to the home and major landscape improvements which would change the topography of the lot of landscape plan originally provided by the builder.
  • Photographs - The inclusion of photographs is appropriate for exterior lighting fixtures, decorative objects and similar cosmetic additions to the unit or lot.
  • Other Exhibits - Other exhibits may be required in order to permit adequate evaluation of the proposed change. Homeowners are advised to seek guidance from the Architectural Review Board or Managing Agent prior to the submission of tan application.

Click here to open an application form, print it and submit with the supporting exhibits and documentation. Management will confirm by email they have received your application.