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  • Snow removal by the contractor is only for Townhomes and the Sully Station Community Center.
  • Single Family streets are maintained by VDOT and sidewalks are the responsibility of each owner.
  • Snow removal starts when the accumulation is at a minimum of 2 inches.
  • During unusually heavy snow (over 8 inches of snow accumulation) the contractor will start with making a driving lane for emergency vehicle access only. The contractor will return to open the lane wider as soon as they can.
  • The spreading of sand on drive lanes will be at the discretion of the contractor.
  • Snow removal and sanding of individual parking spaces is not the responsibility of the contractor.
  • Sidewalks at the Community Center will be cleared by the contractor and one side along Sully Station Drive and Sequoia Farms Drive will be cleared by the contractor.
  • Ice melt will be put down on the sidewalks that are cleared by the contractor.
  • Sidewalks within the townhome clusters are the responsibility of the owners.
  • Homeowners should not put shoveled snow in the street or around parked cars. Removed snow should be piled on grassy areas.
  • Items outside of the contract items listed above are attended to on a case by case situation. If an owner has a concern, they should contact Sharon Whited or Melina Barry at Sequoia Management or via phone at 703-222-2329.

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