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  • Common areas are the only areas maintained by the landscape contractor. This does include the area between the sidewalk and the curb in the townhome clusters.
  • Mowing is performed every 7-10 days from early April through October.
  • Grass clippings and other mowing debris will be blown from sidewalks and curb lines following mowing.
  • Trails are inspected once a month for fallen trees and organic debris in addition to inspections being completed after storms as needed.
  • Edging is completed every other mow.
  • All beds will be cleaned up and mulch will be put down in late winter or early spring.
  • Mulch will be turned in the fall.
  • Shrubs are trimmed 3 times during the growing season.
  • Weeding of ornamental beds will be done as needed throughout the growing season.
  • Leaf removal will be completed 3 times throughout (twice in November and once in December).
  • Annuals for the spring will be planted after Mother's day and Fall annuals will be planted in October.
  • The contractor will water the areas where annuals are planted.
  • Owners are responsible for their own yard maintenance and removal of debris, the landscapers will not remove your yard waste.
  • Items outside of the contract items listed above are attended to on a case by case situation; if an owner has a concern about common areas they should contact Sharon Whited or Melina Barry at Sequoia Management or via phone at 703-222-2329.

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